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Ministry of Justice Approved Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Legal Translation Company in UAE

 We Provide 100% Legal Translation in UAE by Highly Qualified Legal Translators In Dubai.

ASTS-DMCC is Your ULTIMATE destination for Legal Translation in Dubai, Interpretation in Dubai, Transcription and Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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Legal Translation In Dubai

We Deal With All Type of Legal Translation in UAE

Legal Translation

Accredited Legal Translation in UAE approved from Ministry of Justice. Best Sworn Translator in UAE.

Interpretation Services

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreters in UAE are Available. Call us to book the Interpreter.

Simultaneou Interpretation Equipment

Translation Booths, Headsets, Sound system and complete AV Solution for your Event. Rent out Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment in UAE.

 Legal Translation of Documents By Sworn Translator At ASTS-DMCC


Legal Translation for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Education Certificates, Medical Reports, Financial reports Translation, Company Documents Translation, Driving License Translation for RTA, Corporate Translation for Leading Business in Dubai and ability to handle large volume translation in short time.

Affordably Rates for Legal Translation in UAE

Al Syed Translation Services DMCC is a team of highly qualified legal translators in all areas of specializations providing top quality services with 100% accuracy and perfectness. We are team of highly qualified translators for providing legal translation in UAE and serving 2000+ clients. That’s why are offering very low and affordable rates for Translation in Dubai, UAE.

We Offer Best Translation Services in UAE.

Our service Area includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & other emirates of UAE. Al Syed Translation Services DMCC is known as best for  legal translation, medical translation, Technical translation, Commercial Translation, Marketing Translation and Localization services across a total of 200 languages.

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Why Chose Our Legal Translation Services?

Accredited Legal Translation in Company UAE

Free Translation Delivery in UAE

Translated more than 1 billion words
Special discount for regular clients
Special discount on big projects
100% quality and perfectness
On-time & quick
Highly skilled & Experienced team of translators from English to French , English to German, English to Russian , English to Farsi & 200+ other languages

ASTS-DMCC is a translation industry with many skilled & talent translators and interpreters.

Our Legal Translation Services in Dubai, Abudhabi UAE

If you’re in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, UAE and looking for translation center near me, then we’re near you. Al Syed Translation Services DMCC is operating different officies all across UAE. Specially in JLT, Sheikh Zayed Road, AL Barsha, Deira, and Corniche Road Abu Dhabi. If you’re in Dubai Media City or Dubai Silicon Oasis then search for ” Al Syed Translation Services DMCC” and you might find us on Google map.


Professional Translation in Dubai

ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is a complete solution in the implementation of highly customized & integrated translation services from English to Arabic & Vice Versa. In this highly competitive translation market

Interpretation Services in Dubai

ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is a top leading interpretation service provider providing world-class simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, French and all other global languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation in Dubai, UAE

When it comes to the two main types of interpretations: Simultaneous and consecutive translation.We have some of the best simultaneous interpretation equipment in the whole of Dubai.

Legal Translation Company in Dubai

What you need is a legal translator like the ASTS-DMCC . For over 15 years, ASTS-DMCC has been the byword for top quality in the legal translation sector. This is a legal translation agency in UAE revered for its success in Dubai as a reputable company trusted by the top legal firms.

ASTS-DMCC Brief Introduction

The trade-name ASTS-DMCC Translation Services itself defines and shadow light on the legal values of the company, to perform and execute legal translation in Duabi, UAE for your documents that require to be submitted in the legal authorities.

UAE is an Arab country and Arabic is the official language of the UAE. The most beautiful things in this country is increasing population of non-Arabic speaking expatriates. Government has managed to make Arabic language yet the most popular and most spoken language of the UAE. Top of all this is one of the top 5 spoken languages of the world. We have witnessed great steps, tireless efforts and contribution by the government to keep Arabic official language of all the government departments, ministries and courts of laws as well as private entities.

Similarly, if you are going to setup branch of an overseas company, you would be required every relevant document legally translated into Arabic. That is an integral part of submission and approval process to get final trade license of UAE or any other certifications or equivalency. For example a company with it’s headquarter in Germany is going to be setting-up a branch office in Dubai. All their commercial documentations are happened to be in German language which does not validate the process of forming branch office in Dubai.

Therefore, the company needs to be going through the specific process. Such as attestations from the local business authorities, UAE Embassy in UAE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – UAE. Then legally translate such documentations in Arabic from a legal translation company in Dubai such as ASTS-DMCC. Being the most trusted legal translation service providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all across the United Arab Emirates. Thus Translation in Dubai is must for any other language into UAE official language.

Likewise, legal translation is a source of facilitation for approvals at many occasions such as in the conversion of your country Driving License in Arabic and when you are going to apply for Visas you would be required your relevant documentations completely translate in Arabic etc.

Languages We Translate in UAE

 We are one of the trusted legal translation companies in this country, providing legal translation in many languages such as:

And different other languages from and into Arabic (CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPLETE LIST OF LANGUAGES), thanks to our legal translation partners who always give us support at many occasions.

  ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is a legal translation company duly accredited by the Ministry of Education, Immigration of UAE, RTA & other transportation authorities in UAE, Embassies/Consulates in UAE and abroad local/international private and governmental entities.


International value of translation:

No company in the globe has seen to be going global until it wouldn’t have introduced itself and about its product/services in other languages especially when your product is going to be launched or marketed in great countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Russia and many top non-English speaking countries, what you need to realize is that the buyer of the product or services simply depend on their own languages largely even if many of them possess vast knowledge and proficiency in English.

We are fully dedicated in rendering the best of our services that can drive the business of our clients globally.

How to achieve global success in business through translation in UAE?

We produce highly specialized and professional translation for the customers content intended for the target audience. Helping them in their expansion in international markets and such translated texts are adapted in a way that reflect complete accuracy in cultural. Social and commercial realities& understanding of the new market. Therefore, we offer culturally adequate translation to help your business grow significantly to achieve the revenue as desired. We have been reported by our clients at several occasions having us informed how did they achieve 3 to 10 times higher revenue comparing their last years reveneus by having their content translated in different languages by introducing their services or products to the native speakers of different countries. Are you looking for Translation in Dubai?

At ASTS-DMCC , we have great experience for over a decade rendering best quality and professional translation services.

Multiply the success of your business with 10 times success in one year by just adding the role of languages to lift your product or services to the level you once desired to be achieved in 10 years.

If you are looking to translate your product or content in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Persian and 140 other languages , you can absolutely trustASTS-DMCC and hope you give us an opportunity to ensure what we say has gone to be proven positively.

Similarly, translation becomes your fundamental need-of-hour in many occasions. Whether it be translation of speeches for live conferences, events, business meetings or court judgment, publishing of marketing and press-releases, news articles, TV commercial contents, advertising billboards, Social Media marketing. Especially when you are going to tell something very important about yourself, your product or services to the people of languages which are not yours.

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Companies that already trust us and use our services for their translation in UAE as well as interpretation solutions.

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