Ukrainian translation in Dubai, UAE

The UAE also has a Ukrainian-speaking population consisting of business men, investors, employees and families. That is why there is a demand for professional Ukrainian translation in Dubai, UAE for example, judgments, birth certificates, marriage certificates and medical documents. Also for international trade between UAE and other Arabic-speaking countries and the Ukraine, the accurate Ukrainian to Arabic translation of contracts, payment conditions, product specifications and instructions for use is necessary. This should take into account the different nuances and vocabulary of Arabic in the original version. That is why it is very important to hire ASTS-DMCC Translation Services that provides professional Ukrainian translation in Dubai.

Ukrainian to Arabic Translation

Apart from the fact that not many translators from Ukrainian to Arabic (and vice versa) are available, the price of the translation also varies according to the kind of contents being translated. The topics with difficult terminology, for example, medical translations, require specialized translators to translate Ukrainian to Arabic.

Arabic to Ukrainian translation

Why choose ASTS-DMCC Translation Services for Arabic to Ukrainian translation?

As a professional translation agency, ASTS-DMCC believes in a personal approach. Therefore, from the beginning to the end of each Arabic to Ukrainian translation project, an experienced account manager is assigned to answer all your questions. All Arabic to Ukrainian translations are of high quality and delivered on time. We guarantees the quality of every translation delivered.

ASTS-DMCC only uses professional translators who are not only bilingual, but also experts in specific fields. Some examples of translations from Arabic to Ukrainian (and vice versa) that we can provide: financial translations, marketing translations, technical translations, website translations, translations of mobile and software apps.

Ukrainian to English Translation

In addition to translating Ukrainian to English, translators can also provide localization so that the translated content takes into account English traditions and political, economic and religious preferences. They can also transcribe Arabic audio files for you, even without the request to translate.

The translations from Ukrainian to English are competitively priced. Request a direct quote to find out quickly what your translation will cost.

Ukrainian translation in UAE for Marketing and advertising

Companies advertise in different ways. Popular forms include search engine advertising (SEA) where the text appears above and below the natural search results, marketplace / eBay ads, and advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn. Cultural differences influence the way in which the target groups are communicated. Some cultures prefer explicit, direct and business advertising messages, while others require a subtle approach.

Leaflets and brochures inform customers about the company’s products and services and invite them to contact for more information. In order to convince foreign customers, the folders and brochures must be perfectly translated from Ukrainian to English so that they are easy to read by the target group. The translated content must respond to their needs and expectations. ASTS-DMCC ensures that the translators thoroughly examine and understand both the text and the context, so that the Ukrainian to English translation of the brochure is just as good and clear as the source text. The length of the source and target text is also important. In some languages, sentences in the source language are shorter or longer than in the target language.

At ASTS-DMCC, we also receive English to Ukrainian translation requests for various marketing materials.

Professional English to Ukrainian translation services

The demand for English to Ukrainian translation services keeps pace with the demand for localization.

We have a team of translators who translate from English to Ukrainian directly at hand to help with tasks like this. We only work with highly expert linguists, so if the clients explain what they need, we are able to quickly assign an appropriate and experienced expert to translate English to Ukrainian.

After all, we are more than only a translation company – we also offer transcription services, subtitles, interpreters and publishing services. In the case of the client, the translators quickly gain control over the translation and then start translating the resulting text from English to Ukrainian.

We always use native experts of the targeted language because we believe this improves the quality of Ukrainian translation in UAE. We also offer 24/7 customer service due to the worldwide nature of our services. With ASTS-DMCC’ professional translation services, our customers receive consistent, high-quality translations.

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