Thai translation in UAE

Thai translation in Dubai, since translations have become increasingly popular. As an essential aspect of individuals, companies, medical organization, courts and official departments in UAE. Thai translation becomes important for our professional translation and localization services. The most requested professional Thai translation pair is Thai to Arabic.


However, if companies are serious on a wide worldwide distribution of their products and services. They reach us for their Thai translation in UAE. Including language combinations such as Thai to Arabic, Arabic to Thai, Thai to English and English to Thai.

Thai translation for documents.

We naturally provide Thai translation for many types of documents. One of our most current requests for Thai translation in Dubai was for mobile app aimed at a younger audience. The customer requested Arabic and English translations of mobile app. Particular guidance included that the translators should have sufficient knowledge of the software translation and localization terminology. That may often include terms such as “main menu”, “button” “controls” and user manual. While this is the vocabulary for mobile apps, we offer localized translations of mobile apps that require a more technical and specialized technical English to Thai translation.


At ASTS-DMCC, our Thai translations have several aspects:

  • Thai to Arabic translation the first evaluation in order to assign the correct translator. Translating safety instructions for business document is different from a technical description for a patent application.
  • It is then examined whether the customer has specific instructions for the translator, such as the request to leave some terms un-translated or to use a certain style. Providing reference material by the customer is useful for a fast and accurate Thai to Arabic translation.
  • The Thai to Arabic translation in UAE often have a strict deadline, especially in the case of a tender. This has implications for finding a translator who has the ability to deliver on time.
  • ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE then selects the translator. In some cases, the client requires a short translation test to see if the translator understands and can translate the material. This is a good strategy, especially in cases where accurate Arabic to Thai translation is crucial.


Professional Thai translation in UAE translation

Although there are a lot of Thai companies in UAE, a good translation from Thai to English is certainly necessary in business. This is especially true for contracts, payment terms, product specifications, terms and conditions, etc., as Thailand is a good trading partner of the UAE. Localization, technical and website translations are only a part of the types of Arabic to Thai translation and localization service we offer to our customers every day at ASTS-DMCC in UAE.


Since we have thousands of professional translators in the team. Most of them have advanced specific translation experience and technical capabilities. We are able to provide our clients with a wide range of language services. Including a lot of language pairs that other translation agencies overlook in competition for the most general languages.


ASTS-DMCC Translation Services thinks that by focusing in Thai Language. We offer open communication for a huge population that people overlook linguistically, rather than the more common Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages.


Communities that speak less mainstream languages may think left out or not approached in the same way because of commercial and business tendencies to neglect smaller language nations, instead focusing on the general Asian and European language groups.


While that can of course be useful in a sense of business. Our Thai to English translation agency believes that communities sharing less common language pairs should have the same communication approaches and benefits. Also same cultural and linguistic access to popular products, just like the rest of the world.


ASTS-DMCC Translation Services provide professional translations for business clients and individuals around the UAE. We strive for performance in our company, and it applies to both translation costs and other aspects of our work. Contact us today and find out more about your translation project.

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