1. Customers should tell UAE Translation why they need the translation because there are different types of legal and certified translations.

2. UAE Translation is not responsible for the content of the documents you want us to translate.

3. Usually, you need to pay upfront, but sometimes we can be flexible. We’ll talk about payment terms before we start the work.

4. If someone changes your document without our knowledge, we’re not responsible for any mistakes or misinterpretations.

5. We can choose to accept or reject translation work.

6. Before we start, give us any special words or terms you want us to use.

7. We won’t pay compensation for any reason.

8. Be respectful when you talk to our coordinator. No bad language is allowed. We’ll report it to the police if necessary.

9. Tell our coordinator everything you want before we start. We might not be able to make changes after we finish, but we’ll try to help.

10. After you pay, send us proof of the payment.

11. Make sure you send money to our correct bank account. We won’t be responsible if you send it to an old account that we don’t use anymore.

For more terms and conditions, contact us, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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