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ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is a leading professional translation company based in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & all across the UAE.

Why ASTS-DMCC Professional Translation Services ?

ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is a complete solution in the implementation of highly customized & integrated translation services from English to Arabic & Vice Versa. In this highly competitive translation market, ASTS-DMCC is still experiencing sign of victory & domination by providing 100% accurate & perfect translation to its top leading clients in UAE.


Academic Transcripts/Diplomas


Birth Certificates


Marriage Certificates


No Impediment Certificates


Police Clearance CRB's


Medical Reports


Driving Licenses


Bank Statements






Divorce Decrees


Passports / ID Cards


Letter of Reference


No Claim Certificates (Insurance)


All other Official / Legal Documents

Once it was said that the difference between failure and success of an organization is in the choice of companies or partners they choose to do business with and seek professional services like translation from. Over the 10 years that we have been in operation we have provided world-class legal translation, medical translation, technical translation, marketing translation & other types of specialized translation services to a wide variety of clients.

Need for Arabic Legal Translation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi & Across the United Arab Emirates

English to Arabic Translation Services

ASTS-DMCC is a complete solution in the implementation of highly customized & integrated translation services from English to Arabic & Vice Versa. In this highly competitive translation market, ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is still experiencing sign of victory & domination by providing 100% accurate & perfect translation to its top leading clients in UAE.

While some may be lucky to have a grasp of two languages, it is very unlikely for them to be the “know-it-all” kind of a person. Sometimes, the reason why individuals and companies come to us for translation is because they are short on time or just need the reassurance and comfort that comes with the submission of a document translated by a reputable company like ASTS-DMCC .

The other reason we get clients is because of trade or business. Dubai is an international business hub, no doubt about that. With that comes several businessmen, companies and government that want to trade with Dubai. Naturally, the Dubai authority would like to maintain uniformity in their language of official communication and so do the visitors. With such a conflict, our services become of help to both parties. Translation in Dubai is neccessary and we’re helping bussiness since 2007. We are the crucial link between two parties that need to communicate in order to transact.

Multilingual Translation Solution

(For all diplomatic purposes)

ASTS-DMCC has provided professional translations services from English, French, German, Italian and even Greek to Arabic and vise-versa.

While this is a very obvious reason for translation, many people tend to ignore it. The world has never experienced such a high level of human IMMIGRATION from one country to another or even continent to the next thanks to modern transport infrastructure and the spirit of adventure. But did you know that any embassy you visit to apply for a visa will need your documents translated to the language they understand. Take for instance moving from Dubai to the United States of America or the reverse. The Dubai immigration officials would require that you have everything translated to Arabic and their USA counterparts demand so too. Failure to adhering to these requirements leads to visa refusals.

Think of the numerous INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES that take place in Dubai. Their success is pegged on the professional translation services provided by accredited companies like ASTS-DMCC. We have over the years, and behind the scenes provided tip-top translation services and become a yard stick for measuring quality. Despite the growing number of translation companies in Dubai, ours has been a tale of success event after event.

Working in the field of translation makes you brush shoulders with all the other professional fields and such fields include the MEDICAL AND ACADEMIC fields among others. Despite efforts to make knowledge available across all languages, it takes time for new knowledge to be disseminated across the world with its thousands of languages. The medical field in has always been in dire need for professional medical translations services until we came in. It has not been any better in the research field dealing with culture, business and sports for the residents of the UAE. Since our inception, we have dedicated our effort towards the improvement of the quality of translation services in Dubai with the sole interest of enriching, promoting and disseminating knowledge across the globe. We boast frequent clients from all these fields whose trust in us as an authority in translation services surpasses our expectation. That is how ASTS-DMCC is good in professional translation services.

Languages We Translate

We are one of the trusted legal translation companies in this country, providing legal translation in many languages such as…..

  • English to Arabic
  • English to French
  • English to German
  • English to Italian
  • English to Spanish
  • English to Turkish
  • English to Chinese
  • English to Persian

And different other languages from and into Arabic (CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPLETE LIST OF LANGUAGES), thanks to our legal translation partners who always give us support at many occasions.


Our work ethics by far are the best in an industry lacking in guidelines. We have created work ethic blueprints that have been used by other Dubai translation companies and globally. We have adopted a simple motto: The best or nothing, which does not allow mediocre work to be submitted to our clients.

Being the best translation agency in Dubai, ASTS-DMCC has invested a fortune in the quality of its human and technological resources. We only hire the best of the best translators in Dubai. However, we do not stop at that. Our employees are retrained to meet our mark of excellence. We also keep our staff motivated through one of the most lucrative remuneration and employee reward stimulus in Dubai. Currently, ASTS-DMCC boasts the best translation equipment in the industry. We ensure that we have the best translation studio equipment including sound, print and visual devices that not only guarantee quality but also timely completion of translation services.

The last few years, we had done small, medium and mega translation jobs for all kinds of clients in Dubai and around the globe. Our customer care team, the management and staff treat all jobs with equal measure they deserve. The bottom line is to meet our clients’ expectations and many times we strive to exceed the expectations. After all, who would like to be confronted with distorted information in a business agreement form that would see companies transact huge sums of money? We understand the risk in improper service both to us and to our clients and it’s a big no for us.

Confidentiality as a word cannot be mentioned without talking about ASTS-DMCC. Keeping secrets as secrets is another specialty of ours. Whether it’s your new academic discovery yet to be patented, court evidence, financial year sales, losses and profits report or a will, we will keep it as confidential as possible.

Al Syed Translation Services DMCC is a team of very friendly, knowledgeable and handy professionals pulled from different disciplines. Rest assured, your translation tasks are in the right hands all the time.

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