Nepali translation in Dubai, UAE

The Nepalese is currently regarded as the linguistic added value preferably in the UAE labor market. At ASTS-DMCC, requests for translation from English to Nepali is focus on contracts, audits, international tenders, agreements and commercial statutes. For UAE, the geographical proximity of the UAE market is also important, as well as historical relations. With significant dimensions and dynamics in international economy. Speaking and understanding the language of our neighboring countries is very common. The requests for translation from Nepali to Arabic that we receive at ASTS-DMCC require much more solid and extensive skills.

Virtually everyone in UAE has to deal with Arabic and English, with varying degrees of depth. This knowledge is then put into practice at a professional and social level, on the Internet, and when they travel, in terms of information, business and even entertainment. The experience of our translation professionals includes reports and accounts, minutes, documentation of many types, among many other official texts. Most websites require Nepali translation, due to the importance of foreign markets.

But when it comes to Nepali translation in Dubai, the level of demand is high and, at ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE, we know that nothing can fail, especially when we enter the translation sphere. We translate from Nepali to Arabic, from Arabic to Nepali, from Nepali to English and from English to Nepali, with the best offer on the market in terms of quality, terms and price.

Nepali to Arabic Translation in Dubai

The translation from Nepali to Arabic in UAE is one of the most desired language combinations; hence we have already translated many millions of words in this pair, in the most varied supports and for multiple purposes.

We translate from Nepali to Arabic presentations, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, websites, advertisements and magazines; varied documents (CVs, letters of recommendation, declarations of conformity and certificates) for international competitions and for the purpose of emigration; texts in the areas of banking, insurance and finance, in the latter case with special emphasis on the reports & accounts and for tourism, hospitality, gastronomy and for wine producing and distributing companies, among many other areas. Arabic to Nepali translation service remains one of the most requested language pairs for the translation and authentication of documentation in UAE.

Arabic to Nepali Translation

ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE consists of a technical staff of national and foreign Arabic to Nepali translators and proofreaders. Native speakers and others, all graduated from recognized universities and with a professional aptitude accredited by entities, and their counterparts from other countries. Our translators are qualified for the most demanding requests for work as below.

  1. Technical (engineering, manufacturing, etc.)
  2. Judicial (court orders, disputes, etc.)
  3. Personal (Documents, Certificates, Degrees, Police Reports, Medical Certificates, etc)

At ASTS-DMCC, the Nepali translation in UAE continues to high demand. Especially for texts related to insurance, wine and olive oil production and distribution. But also with the food sector in general and gastronomy. Another usual request is the translation of websites into Nepali, a language that remains mandatory for most companies.

We consist of a technical translators and proofreaders, both national and foreign, native to the Nepali language. We are certified by the ISO standard. Our offer is unique and the best: best quality and best price. Regardless ask ASTS-DMCC to translate your texts. We use the best methodologies in the review and quality control of Arabic to Nepali translation in UAE. According to our customers, the main reasons for their preference for ASTS-DMCC are price, quality, easy communication, and quick response to budgets, faithful Nepali translation in UAE, short deadlines and competitive prices.

Regardless of your area of activity, always use professionals to translate Nepali to English your texts.

Having ASTS-DMCC is an asset for your company as a partner. It represents the security for you.

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