Marathi translation in Dubai, UAE

A good Marathi translation in Dubai requires much more than grammatical knowledge of the source language. Mastering the terms, expressions and language of the area of knowledge covered is an extremely important step in producing a quality text, without errors or ambiguities. But does this mean that only graduated professionals can translate in their respective fields?

Marathi to Arabic translation

Not necessarily. The Marathi to Arabic translators at ASTS-DMCC is responsible for combining two universes: the content to be translated into the other language, and the tools and procedures for a good translation. This type of Marathi to Arabic translation usually has a direct impact on people’s lives. Therefore, efforts and attention must be doubled.

A Marathi to Arabic translation problem can have disastrous implications for a company. One such case happened with the manufacturer of a bread maker in UAE. The equipment released large amounts of smoke when it started operating, causing risks of contamination. The situation raised suspicions and users brought it to the attention of the authorities.

The importance of Marathi translation in UAE

Materials such as user manual, contracts and reports are unambiguous. Errors, then, are not even mentioned: they cannot appear under any circumstances. Imagine the consequences of a poorly translated menu in a restaurant, which makes a customer order a dish whose ingredients he cannot consume? Or imagine a manual for using a household appliance, which does not correctly explain how to check the voltage, for example.

After investigation, the body responsible for health and safety surveillance in UAE found that the defect was not in the device, but in the instruction manual. Due to a translation error, the word “vapor” had been replaced by “smoke”. The case ended in a recall of the units sold, and a lawsuit and compensation to those affected.

For possibilities like this, it is wrong to think that Arabic to Marathi translation is “easier” than literary translation, for example. At ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE, we ensure a lot of research, attention and dedication to produce good and efficient Arabic to Marathi.

Mastery of the subject: ASTS-DMCC experts make a difference

Whoever wants to translate a certain area from Arabic to Marathi should count on the support of our professionals with mastery of the subjects covered. They can eventually clarify doubts about what is the most appropriate way to express those ideas contained in the text.

Therefore, it is positive to create a communication channel with these specialists. This attitude, for sure, will result in more reliable and higher quality Marathi to English translation in UAE. Over time, it is natural for our Marathi to English translators to develop greater familiarity with the topic they will work on, further streamlining the process.

In this way, our Marathi to English translators have become the experts, which will facilitate future work and even help win new clients.

Use of correct terms: Glossaries are essential

Organizing glossaries with the words already translated is of great help. Gathering the most frequent terms and their meanings in a file, which must be accessible. Our English to Marathi translators also consult with the latest dictionaries and other references whenever these words appear. This process, in addition to streamlining the work, helps to fix the meaning of the term.

Our translators also gather as many words and expressions as possible within each area to create English to Marathi translation memory. They create the spreadsheets, divided into at least three columns: word / expression, meaning and source.

It is good to remember that a single word can translate in different ways. Depending on the subject, so making a glossary by area is necessary. And the source of research is also compulsory. It can be useful when the translator needs to consult it again.

Many companies already have their own word index in their relevant areas, such as legal translation or health translation; mostly they also provide these glossaries while giving English to Marathi translation order at ASTS-DMCC. You can also talk to our experts for Marathi translation in UAE before finalizing the order. This way, you can ensure that our Marathi to Arabic translators can meet your translation needs as you want. Contact us today and find out what we can offer.

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