Software Localization

We provide expert level services for your software translation that is adaptive to varieties of IT programs and contents for local and international businesses.

Why you need Software Translation Services

If you are planning to launch a software in other country to expand the reach of your IT product, you probably want to present your software in the language of that country. Software Translation and Localization services offered by Translation in London can provide quality that is contextually appreciated by the history and culture of that language. Therefore, the translated version create great impression for the respective international communities.

Software Translation Professionals

At Translation in London, we are passionately working with a network of highly professional and native linguistics who posses excellent knowledge in their native as well as the second languages. While translating your content, their main focus is to produce appealing content free of all kinds of errors.

In-addition, our software translation services experts have minimum 5 years experience as professional software translators and localizers, guaranteeing to produce 100% precise translation for all types of specialized content with highly-technical terminologies and glossaries.

We are specialized to provide software translations that include:

   SmartPhone App Localizations

   User Manuals

   Website Applications

   SEO content optimization

   Airlines and Hotel booking localizations


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