Remote Interpretation

Live Virtual Video Interpreting Services for digital conferences and events

What is Live Virtual Video Interpreting?

Live Virtual Video Interpreting is the process of interpreting a verbal communication on a virtual event that is attended by audience remotely, from various parts of the world. Through use of advanced video interpreting software, Translation in London can provide interpreting services in more multiple languages, and respective digital audience can now hear the speaker’s translations over the internet without moving out of their places.

In which circumstances your live virtual interpretation always works

Video Interpretation is always best suitable in last minute call. Apart from its largest contribution in the remote conferences, it also plays a major role in the healthcare facilities, where the need for remote interpretation can contribute a vital role to help communicate between hospital staff and patients who cannot speak their language at all. In most emergency situations, sometimes, it is almost impossible for an interpreter to travel to the hospital which could make a difference of life and death. Therefore, live virtual interpretation is a choice of the times and our Translation in London team is there to repair the damages as much as possible.


A major shifting from live conference to virtual conferences seen to have happened during COVID-19 Pandemic, when the entire world was facing lock down and businesses were having hard time to interact with their counterparts through business meetings, local and international conferences. It was then, when remote video interpretation started to become extremely popular and dominating over all other types of interpretation. Translation in London is irreplaceably one of those companies in the market that have taken their leads over other in providing remote interpretation services and give breath to those businesses to remain intact in the market. With Translation in London, your need to get a professional remote interpretation gets fulfilled by providing state-of-the-art online platforms and high-quality remote interpreters who know their operating system very-well.

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