Convert Your Oman Driving license into UAE Driving license

A Driving License is a particular paper necessary to keep in pocket while driving. Moreover, driving license translation in Dubai is a job of great importance. It needs to be done with expertise and complete accuracy. When doing Legal Translation of Driving License, you will need English translation for Oman Driving License. It’ is essential to confirm that the Driving license translation near me is done with the right process. Therefore, you should employ ASTS-DMCC, a Legal Translation Company for Driving license. We provide official transition service at our Legal Translation office for driving license. In addition, we make sure Legal Translation office for driving license with zero fault.

Translation of the driving license to UAE driving license is not different anymore now. We are here to support and provide guidance about getting the UAE driving license simply.

Identically, validity of driving license is 2 years for 21 years old and above. If you are below 21 years then validity would be one year only.

Required Documents

In the first place, if you have valid Oman Driving license then you will need following document to have your UAE Driving License.

  • Emirates ID
  • Original & Photocopy.
  • Eye Test
  • Medical Screening
  • NOC
  • Legal English Translation of Driving License from Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai

Fee Structure:-

Likewise, converting of your driving license fee is as follows:-

  • New File: 200AED
  • License Issuing: 600AED
  • Handbook Manual: 50AED
  • Innovation Fee: 20AED


  • Get an Eye test from certified hospital or clinic by Dubai Health Authority.
  • Go to RTA Customer Center
  • Fill Application form
  • Wait until application verified by RTA
  • New file with your information
  • Also, pay the fee
  • In addition, wait for the Photographs taken by RTA
  • In a few minutes, you will get your Driving license.

“For Detailed information please visit RTA official website”

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