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Legal translation in Dubai, UAE Offer by ASTS-DMCC is one of the best and trust worthy platform for over 15 years. Our main focus to provide top quality in the legal translation sector. Al Syed Translation Services DMCC is legal translation company in Dubai & trusted by the top legal firms in the UAE.

What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is a specialized field of translation that requires an in-depth understanding of legal terminology, concepts, and regulations. It is a complex process of translating legal documents or other legal material between multiple languages. Translation of legal materials is a highly technical and demanding task that requires accuracy, expertise, and cultural knowledge.

Types of Legal Translation in Dubai

Legal documents can be broadly divided into two types: civil law and common law. Civil law documents are those related to civil matters such as contracts and other legal documents related to personal matters, business transactions, and property transfers. Common law documents, on the other hand, are related to criminal matters and legal proceedings such as court cases, legislation, laws, and regulations.

Who Can provide Legal Translation in Dubai

Legal translation services are provided by professionals who are knowledgeable in the respective legal systems. They have the necessary skills to accurately and effectively translate legal documents between languages. They must be familiar with the technical terminology used in the legal system to ensure accuracy in the translation.

Legal translators must possess knowledge of both the target and source languages, as well as the legal systems of the two countries. They must also be familiar with the legal terminology used in the target language. In addition, they must be familiar with cultural and contextual differences between countries so that the translation is accurate and appropriate

Why Chose Our Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

As the best legal translation Dubai, we have created these guidelines to help you assess the suitability of a legal translator before you hire him in any kind of legal translation. Following these guidelines will save you time, money and most of all, protect you from the risk associated with a poorly translated legal document. Always, the rule of thumb is to talk to ASTS-DMCC Translation Services anytime you need help with legal translation in Dubai

So, for the complete satisfaction of our clients, we have a team of highly qualified suitable legal translators in order to execute translation of all types of legal documents.

There shall be a huge loss to the clients if the translation is accomplished wrongly which shall result in full of confusions and frustrations.

Either you need a translation of legal agreements, Power of Attorneys, Legal Cases, Memorandum and Articles of Associations, Country laws, complaints or certificates; you shall be ensured of providing 100% accurate and perfect translation in return.

Appointing the professional legal translators in UAE

Our translation-coordinators shall ensure you that they have appointed a suitable legal translator for you pursuant to the specialty of the documents. So, if you are a lawyer, advocate or legal advisor and desirous to have your clients’ legal projects translated properly and accurately in order to strengthen the winning chances of your clients’ cases, we will be the best choice to conduct a specialized legal translation for your documents.

Our translators have an intense knowledge of all types of legal terminologies by using highly standard legal specialized recent dictionaries by means of which they ensure the production of exact meaning of the translated documents as well as have an understanding of the civil, criminal, companies, personal, labor, residency and naturalization, families laws and regulations which are applied within the UAE and throughout the world.

Our translation coordinators shall always ask you what the context of your translation are, and in what circumstances it will be used. By doing this, we can accurately match the translators with the correct legal knowledge and practical experience to your translation.

Specializations in legal translations in Dubai, UAE :

Companies Cheques, Commercial Lease Agreements, Bid of Quotations, Personal Agreements, Loan agreements, Auditor’s Reports, Legal Notices, Summons, Memorandum of Understanding, Local Service Agent Agreements, Minutes of Meeting, Confidential Agreements, Proposals, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Annual Financial Reports, Special Power of Attorneys, General Power of Attorneys etc…, Sales and Purchase Agreements, Courts Judgments, Civil and Commercial Laws for all countries, Commercial/Performa Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bank Letters, Acknowledgement Receipts, Notifications, Sales and marketing agreements, Statement of Accounts and 1000+ types of legal documents etc.


1- Technical Expertise


2- Project Managers


3- Confidentiality


4- Certification of Translations


5- Reliability

Legal Translation Features

The trade-name ASTS-DMCC Translation Services itself defines and shadow light on the legal values of the company, to perform and execute legal translation services for your documents that require to be submitted in the legal authorities in UAE.

Technical Expertise Of Legal Translation in Dubai

It is no doubt that ASTS-DMCC has the technical capacity to handle a legal translation of any kind. This is very important for bespoke legal translation services. We have set the industry bar so high by requiring that every legal translator be a specialist in the subject matter. We ensure that they are qualified as lawyers and court interpreters. Don’t you find it necessary that other than a legal translator understanding the meaning of the words they translate; they should also understand the law the words carry with them? To make it easy for our clients, we attach the CVs of our legal translators in the quotations we send our clients to see for themselves the brains that will work for them.

Project Management for Legal Translation

Every legal translation work we get is treated a project hence the need for a project manager. The point man that has all the answers about your project. He is responsible for the quality of legal translation services you need and our managers have a habit of surpassing client’s expectations. They ensure that deadlines are met and that quality work is maintained.

Confidentiality Of Our Trusted Partners

Who needs their legal secrets all out there in the eyes of the public? No one. The last thing a client wants is his secrets flooding the media and limelight especially in a legal field. We swear the oath of secrecy and never to reveal the details of our dealing with clients. We adhere strict security and confidentiality policy. We protect clients’ data with the most current data protection systems and sign Translator Confidentiality Agreements with our clients.

Certified Translation in Dubai

From our numerous translation projects, we have acquired several Certificates of Translation from both government and non-governmental agencies. Because the translation industry is widely unregulated in Dubai, a good legal translation company like ASTS-DMCC proves their ability through this type of documentation and you should look out for that whenever you seek a legal translator.


ASTS-DMCC builds long lasting relationships with clients. Most of our clients come back time after time to seek our legal translation services. It is important that we maintain their faith in us by being the most reliable legal translation company in UAE.

Languages We Translate

We are one of the trusted legal translation companies in UAE, providing legal translation in many languages such as…..

  • English <> Arabic
  • English <> French
  • English <> German
  • English <> Italian
  • English <> Spanish
  • English <> Turkish
  • English <> Chinese
  • English <> Persian

And different other languages from and into Arabic (CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPLETE LIST OF LANGUAGES), thanks to our legal translation partners who always give us support at many occasions.

Law is as old as language and humanity. Over the past several decades, human beings have found a need to immigrate and trade. Despite this interaction, there has never been a common language for all humans to communicate hence the need for translation. It is common in Dubai and around the world for documents to be translated from source to target language in the corridors of law. While many people would like their documents to be translated word by word, it is not surprising that such translations distort information in the original document because of the difference in the linguistic structures of the source and target languages.

Before choosing a legal translation in UAE, it is important to establish the qualifications of the legal translation team of a translation company. A good legal translation company like ASTS-DMCC Translation Services has in its arsenal a team of legal experts conversant with the legal-cultural aspects of both the source and the target language. It is common for different countries or cultures to have different laws based on their culture. Interpreting a document word by word my lead to an interpretation that would barely make sense in a different legal context from the source context. Unlike most legal translation companies in Dubai, we have invested in the best bilingual law dictionaries to improve the quality of our translation services.

Another of our strength as the best legal translation company in UAE is that we ensure that the target text is structured in such a manner as to suit and reflects the culture and legal language of the source text. We have experts who are familiar with other legal systems and they strive to streamline the slight differences that may occur. This is because legal forms of writings like contracts clearly define the rights, duties and privileges of individuals and that should not be messed up with. Therefore, it is in order to match these rights and duties in the source text with that in the target text.

At ASTS-DMCC, we are renowned as the legal translators of the following documents in the whole of Dubai and around the UAE: Witness statements, certificates of accuracy, wills, depositions, trusts, litigation documents, articles of incorporation, exhibition labels, immigration documents and so on. We have over the years been of service to persons and companies as court translators as well.

Legal translations are a highly specialized area of the translation sector, which need to be handled with the utmost care. A poor translation could result in serious consequences for law firms, their clients and other interested parties. Therefore, it is vital when sourcing legal translation services that the provider has the expertise and systems in place to ensure accurate translation and quality output every time.

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