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Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai

Do you need Legal Translation approved from Ministry of Justice Dubai UAE?

Working globally for the welfare of people, ASTS-DMCC is one of the reputed and leading translation services in Dubai. We offer top-notch translation facilities ensuring that it meets the industry standards. Our legal translators and interpreters are approved by the Ministry of Justice to provide extensive and thorough translation services.

Professional Legal Translator in JLT

Servicing from over 12 years in translation and interpretation, our professional legal translators have proven track records. Being the best translation, we are thriving to upgrade our services even more with our offices in Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zaid Road, Deira, and JLT.

If you are searching out for the splendid translation office near me, then simply Google ASTS-DMCC in the Google search and Google place. The cost-effective yet fast services of ASTS-DMCC assure you fantastic customer experience. We believe in delivering our services on time to avoid any problem to the client, and we value your money and time.

You can count any of the translation services, and ASTS-DMCC will be there for you. Be it legal, technical, medical, commercial, marketing, publishing, or the driving license translation, we do everything for your convenience. In addition to these, we also have expertise in other services such as voice dubbing, proofreading/cross-checking, and interpretation equipment.

We are duly registered by the best linguistic entities across the globe, with our legal translators. Crowned with the title of a most trusted and reliable translation company, we also have holds the badge of top-ranked global entities. The customer can have peace of mind while dealing with us and can get their translation work done efficiently.

Globally Recognized, The Al Syed Translation Services DMCC Company Is Duly Acknowledged By Many Government Departments Such As:

Ministry Of Justice; Ministry Of Foreign Affairs; Courts of UAE; Embassies; Ministry Of Education; RTA; Banks; Dubai Municipality; 100 plus Official Government Entities within UAE, and outside as well

Here Is the Highlight of the Legal Translation Offered By ASTS-DMCC for Verities of Purposes

Russian legal translation approved in Russian Embassy / Consulate

 Chinese legal translation approved in Chinese Embassy / Consulate

 Italian legal translation approved in Italian Embassy / Consulate

 French legal translation approved in French Embassy / Consulate

 German legal translation approved in German Embassy / Consulate

 Turkish legal translation approved in Turkish Embassy / Consulate

 Spanish legal translation approved in Spanish Embassy / Consulate

 Farsi legal translation approved in Persian Embassy / Consulate

What Is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is all about the interpretation of texts, which is essential for any lawful work in the official language of the related jurisdiction. If someone wants to get any legal job done in a different country, irrespective of their native Nation, they will require the documents that are translated to the language of the relevant jurisdiction.

The work of legal translation can vary according to different Nations. The precise and accurate translation of documents is mandatory, for the proper proceeding of ant legal work. Any errors and mistakes can lead to financial loss and time delays as well.

Remember Arabic, the national language of the UAE. Thus if you want to submit any document to the government here, you will be asked for the texts translated into the Arabic language. Therefore it becomes a necessity to get the documents translated accurately. You can entirely rely on Al Syed Translation Services DMCC Company to help you out in the right way.

Why Is Legal Translation Of Documents Vital In UAE?

We all know the fact that UAE comprises many ex-pats. It is a hub of trade, and thus efficient communication is vital in conducting the work correctly. People all across the globe are mostly pursuing their careers in Dubai. Except for Arabic, the one more vastly spoken language here is English across the seven Emirates. Therefore UAE has now become a platform for everyone to work, and the need of the hour is to translate the documents appropriately.

Before the submission of documents to the courts of UAE or government authorities, they should be legally translated into the national language. It ensures that the legal work is done without any errors.  If the papers are not accurately translated, they will not be accepted, and your work will not proceed further.

In Dubai, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs introduced a new rule in December 2018. It stated that all the birth and the marriage certificate that are submitted to support dependent visa applications must be translated into Arabic.

Not just this, several government authorities will only accept the documents that are well translated by the legal translators. On top of this, the entire work of document translation should be done by the translator, who is officially approved by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

Why Get Your Translation Work Done Only With a Certified Translation in Dubai?

We ensure accurate work of the legal translation of your document is free of any error so that you do not have to face any loss of money and time. Our expert legal translators are skilled in their work to meet the satisfaction level of customers.


It is always advised to go with the Ministry of Justice approved legal translation in Dubai like ASTS-DMCC, to prevent any obstacles that can slow down your legal work. In some cases, you may require presenting as a plaintiff in court; in such scenarios, you will have to submit every supporting document in Arabic. 


For instance, in deference of supplies, or services, the defendant may not clear the payment. If this happens, eventually; as a result, the plaintiff must present the required documents translated into Arabic legally, such as supplies, quotations, notes, sales plus purchase agreements, and invoices. Further, as per the industry standard, the plaintiff may need other documents too.


Sometimes you might also get a bounced check from someone in exchange for services; if this happens, you must have to file a complaint against the check issuer in the police. However, you should have the cheque translated into Arabic by a sworn translation office in Dubai. The client can proceed further towards the legal action, once the work of certified translation is done correctly. 


Get a Glimpse of Languages Offered By @Al Syed Translation Services DMCC Company in Dubai, UAE, For translation

Furnishing the customer with the best legal translation work, approved by the Ministry Of Justice, we offer these language pairs:

Arabic to French legal translation

French to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to German legal translation

German to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to Italian legal translation

Italian to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to Spanish legal translation

Spanish to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to Chinese legal translation

Chinese to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to Russian legal translation

Russian to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to Turkish legal translation

Turkish to Arabic legal translation

Arabic to Farsi legal translation

Farsi to Arabic legal translation

And different other languages from and into Arabic (CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPLETE LIST OF LANGUAGES), thanks to our legal translation partners who always give us support at many occasions.

Analyze the Documents Needed To Be Translated By A Certified Legal Translation Company In Dubai, UAE

Legal Translation of Birth Certificates

Legal Translation of Death Certificates

Legal Translation of Declaration of Marital Status

Legal Translation of Marriage Certificates

Legal Translation of Divorce Certificates

Legal Translation of School Certificates

Legal Translation of College Certificates

Legal Translation of Academic/University Certificates

Legal Translation of Driving Licenses

Legal Translation of Identification Cards

Legal Translation of Passports

Legal Translation of Lost Passport certificates

Legal Translation of Criminal Clearance Records

Legal Translation of Police Certificates

Legal Translation of Character Certificates

Legal Translation of Residence Permit

Legal translation of your affidavit

Legal Translation of Legal notice & Court Documents

Our Top-Notch Legal translation Services

 Annual Financial Reports ★ Minutes of Meeting★ Special Power of Attorneys ★Memorandum & Articles of Association ★ General Power of Attorneys ★ Sales & Purchase Agreements ★ Courts Judgments ★ Civil & Commercial Laws for all countries ★ Commercial/Performa Invoices ★ Auditors Reports ★ Purchase Orders ★ Companies Cheques ★ Commercial Lease Agreements ★ Bid of Quotations ★ Personal Agreements ★ Summons ★ Memorandum of Understanding  ★  Proposals ★ Bank Letters ★ Acknowledgement Receipts ★ Notifications ★ Sales and marketing agreements★ Loan agreements  ★ Auditors Reports ★Memorandum & Articles of Association ★ Statement of Accounts and 1000+ types of legal documents.

Here Is the Highlight of the Legal Translation Offered By ASTS-DMCC for Verities of Purposes

Russian legal translation approved in Russian Embassy / Consulate

Chinese legal translation approved in Chinese Embassy / Consulate

Italian legal translation approved in Italian Embassy / Consulate

French legal translation approved in French Embassy / Consulate

German legal translation approved in German Embassy / Consulate

Turkish legal translation approved in Turkish Embassy / Consulate

Spanish legal translation approved in Spanish Embassy / Consulate

Farsi legal translation approved in Persian Embassy / Consulate

It is essential for you to know the official places where official legal translation work is required. Here we would like to give you a glance at such sites, and we provide the same for such purposes.

❂ Legal translation for RTA

❂ Legal translation for Ministry of Labour

❂ Legal translation for court

❂ Legal translation for the Ministry of Justice

❂ Legal translation for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

❂ Legal translation for Municipality

❂ Legal Translation for Department of Economic Development

❂ Legal translation for UAE or DNRD Visa immigration

❂ Legal translation for Land Department

❂ Other governmental/ministerial bodies

How to Validate Your Documents In the Above Departments?

Al Syed Translation Services DMCC is always available for your help related to the translation of documents. If you want to get your papers to validate into the departments as mentioned earlier, the primary step is to get them legally translated in Arabic by an official translation office based in UAE. ASTS-DMCC is one such duly registered company by the Ministry of Justice. We have passed the examination of legal translation by the skilled and qualified legal translators.

You can rely on the work done by the approved legal translators. Our job is acknowledged by all the given departments above. We try to provide excellent customer experience by executing the work of legal translation with 100% accuracy and proficiency

Get Your French Documents Legally Translated In Dubai

If you are looking for a French legal translation service in Dubai, so you have landed on the right page. As we provide translation service, which is duly accredited by the Ministry of Justice, Embassies & the Courts of UAE. Do you know there are very few agencies in Dubai who mastered this art of translation?

Before we begin our art of translation identification of the best suitable translator having a perfect knowledge of both languages is our first step. As we have a professional approach towards our, every project ASTS-DMCC has an image of producing excellent quality translation with its expert team with over knowledge of over 100 languages.

Is your document a technical one, or medical, or its related to any other field? Don’t worry as we have experienced professionals in every area, and we employ the document to a particular professional according to his expertise and experience.

The main focus of ASTS-DMCC after the translation is to ensure that there is no error in the final document. Such as grammatical error, sentence structure flow, etc. So after the translation process ends, we assigned the content to our top editing and proofreading team so that you don’t have to worry after receiving the material.  Screening of the content is our utmost priority; that’s why before sending any content, we screened the content many times to ensure that the translation doesn’t change the meaning of the material and ensure there are no mistakes in the content.

Meet the Professional Russian Legal Translator In Dubai

If you are from Russia and want to submit any document which for any legal purpose in the government department or ministries in Dubai or UAE, your document must be legally / officially translated in English or Arabic.

Translation can become a hectic task for you, as it is challenging for anyone to master every language. For this purpose, ASTS-DMCC can help you in translating your content in Arabic or any other language as we can convert documents in over 100 languages. ASTS-DMCC not only provides quality but also ensures that the work will be delivered on time with duly checked and without any errors, and for these services, you don’t have to pay much as we have very affordable rates that can match your budget.

Our team consists of a translator with significant experience in handling legal translations. So you will get the top quality professional translation with ASTS-DMCC. Our team deals with much legal translation work. According to the nature of the document, we promise Confidentiality with both physical and virtual security to our clients. So document’s safety is a thing that you don’t have to stress.

Other services we provide are drafting of POAs, articles of association, agency agreements, employment contracts, and all other agreements with the consultation of top lawyers and legal advisors. So hiring a professional language translator with a world-class team and professional outlook towards every project is a thing that ASTS-DMCC guarantees to its every client.

Assigning the Adept Legal Translators and Project Coordinator for You

Be it lawyer, legal advisor, or an advocate who is keenly trying to strengthen the case of their client by the accurate translation of the legal documents; all are welcomed by ASTS-DMCC to make their work convenient. If you are also seeking to make your client’s case win, then we are the appropriate choice for conducting a specialized legal translation of all forms of documents.

You can trust the translators of ASTS-DMCC and can make your case more stable, which is essential to winning. You will never have to face any errors and issues such as wrong translation, which misinterprets the real meaning of the document.

The legal translators of ASTS-DMCC family are filled with immense knowledge about the legal terminologies. They prefer highly standard specialized dictionaries, which provide them ample information about everything, to eradicate any error out of the translation process. You become our responsibility from the day you stepped into the legal translation world of ASTS-DMCC. Our translator keeps your needs in mind.

On top of it, they ensure the translation of the documents accurately with the understanding of the civil, criminal, and personal, companies, labour, residency, family laws, and naturalization, which are not just applied in the UAE, but across the globe. Keeping all such aspects in mind, the translators of ASTS-DMCC can never make your feel regret about your decision to choose us.

Evaluating the context of your documents is also done by our translation coordinators. Further, to doubly ensure that your work is accurately done, the circumstances in which the papers will be used are also evaluated. Trusting on our services is your work, and our job is to match the apt legal translator having the correct legal knowledge for your translation work.

At ASTS-DMCC, we are renowned as the legal translators of the following documents in the whole of Dubai and around the UAE: Witness statements, certificates of accuracy, wills, depositions, trusts, litigation documents, articles of incorporation, exhibition labels, immigration documents and so on. We have over the years been of service to persons and companies as court translators as well.

Legal translations are a highly specialized area of the translation sector, which need to be handled with the utmost care. A poor translation could result in serious consequences for Government law firms, their clients and other interested parties. Therefore, it is vital when sourcing legal translation services that the provider has the expertise and systems in place to ensure accurate translation and interpreting services every time.

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