Korean translation in Dubai, UAE

Korean is spoken by a total of 78 million people in North and South Korea, Yanbian in China, and by the Koryo-saram in the former Soviet Union. It is a standalone language that does not belong to a family language. The grammar of Korean is similar to that of the Turkish and Mongolian languages. Furthermore, Korean has a very large vocabulary is drive from Chinese; almost half of all Korean words originate from Chinese. Korean script is Hangul with the addition of Sino-Korean characters. It shows clearly that the translator must be native for Korean translation in Dubai.

Korean to Arabic Translation in Dubai

At ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE, we have all native translators to translate Korean to Arabic. Whenever you as a customer come to us, the price for the Korean to Arabic translation, we will share the quote including cost and timeline. You will know the right costing from the start.

The Korean to Arabic translation costs may vary according to a lot of aspects. The law of supply and demand influence the price of translation, just as it does for around all services and goods. This means that in common language combinations, for which a lot of translators are available; a lower translation price is charged than for less common language combinations. A less common language combination will cost higher simply because fewer translators are available and they may charge higher rates.

This is also the result of a simple market mechanism – Arabic to Korean translation costs is higher if fewer translators are available to translate it. The urgency of the Arabic to Korean translation can also affect translation costs. If you need urgent Korean translation, the cost is higher then normal. At ASTS-DMCC, we also offer urgent Arabic to Korean translation.

Arabic to Korean translation in Dubai

All organizations, institutes, companies and countries, like individuals, deal with financial data. This can vary from bank statements to annual reports and financial reports. As soon as foreign parties involved, those financial documents mostly accessible to, foreign shareholders, investors or business partners. A bad Arabic to Korean translation can damage a company’s reputation in the international business world. Financial translations must not only be accurate, but must also comply with international valuation rules and legislation.

For their Arabic to Korean translation in Dubai, companies should therefore be able to rely on professional translators. At ASTS-DMCC with experience in the financial field. This is particularly important because there is hardly any other sector characterized by very specific language use. Terms such as ‘haute finance’, ‘alligator spread’ and ‘goldilocks economy’ are a few examples. In addition, many abbreviations involved in the financial sector. We have extensive experience in translating this terminology.

Examples of financial translations include contracts, annual reports, half-yearly and quarterly reports, offer reports, prospectuses, auditor’s statements, due diligence reports, bailiffs’ exploits, policies, rental and purchase contracts, license agreements, reminders, bank statements, payment reminders, and share transfer certificates.

Korean to English Translation in Dubai

ASTS-DMCC’ financial translators to translate Korean to English are reliable and highly trained specialists in the fields of finance, taxation and economics. They are familiar with the financial sector and have strong terminological knowledge. This is very important because the differences between the country of the source language and that of the target language can be large, such as tax systems, legal forms or regulations that differ from country to country. The accounting principles can also vary. Of course, they are extremely accurate and reliable, and ensure that all details are correct, the figures are accurate,

It is mainly banks, investment firms, accountancy firms, consultancy and consultancy firms, notaries and law firms who approach us as a professional Korean to English translation agency. But individuals also use Korean translation in UAE to translate their bank statements, pay slips and tax returns.

In many cases, the translator uses translation memories to translate English to Korean and to ensure internal consistency of the English to Korean translation, which improves quality.

ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE pays attention to the smallest detail, because even putting a dot or comma in the wrong place has very big consequences. Therefore, document translation from Korean to English have to translate by translators with relevant background. Contact us today and see the difference.

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