With the intention of presenting high quality services, the company has translators who are native speakers. In addition, all English to Kazakh translations undergo revision work, so that we facilitate clients in the best way.

Kazakh translation dynamism

Our company has a solid image in the English to Kazakh translation market in UAE due to the dynamism in management and the work of specialists. With great seriousness and competence, we seek to have a very transparent relationship with customers.

A proof of this is to highlight for the contractor the differences between the Arabic language spoken not only in UAE but also in other Arab countries. For a Kazakhstan company that intends to conquer the UAE market, it is essential to pay attention to this detail.

Do not doubt that a corporation makes a serious mistake when presenting a website with confusing content. Because it does not give importance to the linguistic differences between Kazakhstan and UAE.

What ASTS-DMCC can do for you?

We seek to offer our customers a range of translation services from Kazakh to English. Our team has the priority of bringing a high standard translation service. For everyone who needs it, at a fair price and within a period that meets their needs.

Imagine, you work in IT Company focused on installing Data Centers. In this way, a Kazakh video shows the main methods in this segment. For the devices to use properly, the recommendation is that the video require subtitling in Arabic or English. With a Kazakh to English translation faithful to the original one, which conveys exactly what the first version wants to convey.

To get this kind of assertive Kazakh to English translation that makes the video easy to understand, you can count on ASTS-DMCC services of Kazakh translation in UAE. We have expertise in English to Kazakh translation. Subtitling and video transcription in addition to other types of Kazakh translations.

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