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Globalization, established close to the era of industrialization, brought a lot of new concepts of global communication in UAE. This conjuncture promoted the growth of translation era, more specifically of a technical nature. Which encourages, in the most diverse languages, export and import processes for products, distribution of product manuals, legal procedures in addition to advances and international technological and business partnerships.

In communication and technical translation, the idea of an Indonesian who is from Indonesia, is today, fundamental! Although a few materials may target more general audiences, a good deal, if not most, have well-defined national customers. It’s a matter of rationalization, or the localization.

Indonesian to Arabic quality translation services

Delivering a translation task in the hands of experts is always the concern of those who like to guarantee the Indonesian to Arabic translation quality in addition to the terminological precision. Bringing the right messages to the target audience is the key objective of clients. Who seek specialized Indonesian translation from ASTS-DMCC. However, a lot of people don’t know about some of the essential attributes to guarantee a good Indonesian to Arabic translation and even how to assess it.

The translation quality relies on mainly the know-how of the person offering the service. Particularly when there is large and medium-size projects or complexity. There are a series of processes that often go beyond the practices of a single specialized translator. Making the activities complex and wide-ranging, which reflects in the deadlines and confidence of the work.

You do not need to worry anymore because your projects of Indonesian translation are in good hands. At ASTS-DMCC, we adapt special aspects for the execution of a good job. And, thus, deliver a final Indonesian to Arabic translation projects with quality and professionalism.

Selection of Indonesian to Arabic translation professionals

The management of an excellent translation project starts even before the analysis of your individualities. The selection of the translators is a vital point. Because these professionals are liable for the Arabic to Indonesian translation of the contents in the first stage.

One of the essential attributes is that it is native to the targeted language, to be exact, if the job is Arabic to Indonesian translation, the translator must master Indonesian, but be native to Indonesian (Indonesia).

In addition, of course, to be a specialist in a certain areas. Such as: technology, chemistry, business, etc. we also make sure terminological accuracy and translation from a cultural and idiomatic point of view.

The commitment relationship between the entire team involve with the Arabic to Indonesian translation job is also important. Because with the big turnover and the increasing information demand, content of different types are translated quickly even with short deadlines, so, we observe a lot of aspects that include deadline and confidentiality.

Project management

Upon receiving the project, we make an analysis with a selected team, formed by directors, project managers, quality translation coordinators, proofreaders and translators, works based on the client’s requirements and the particularities of the translation project. The above aspects for the selection of the translator are considered when choosing this team.

In this phase, time limits, tasks and necessary resources are foreseen. In order to guarantee the success of the project. The Indonesian to English translation begins, goes through a revision and a quality control phase, finally leading to delivery to the customer.


The above highlighted points are aspects of a quality Indonesian to English translation system at ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE. On the other hand, meeting time limits and efficient project management means to make sure customer trust and satisfaction. In this sense, ASTS-DMCC manages in a special way the application and use of CAT Tools and their resources. In addition to paying extra attention to the level of preparation and handling of these when choosing Indonesian to English translation teams in addition to the promise to customers and suppliers.

The choice of the right translation team, the skills and the use technology make ASTS-DMCC Translation Services a respected agency. And recognized for its modern work and integrity, deep-down to our values as an organization.


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