French Legal Translation in UAE

Legal Translation in UAE, Also called Certified Translation, is carried out by Legal Translator who is accredited by Ministry of Justice UAE. Our ministry approved French translator in dubai provides translation with legal, complex and technical content for various sectors such as translation for dubai courts, embassies, Dubai police, DNRD and much more. So, we know the challenges to provide French translation at your door step also we have the right combination of resources, technology and processes to translate high volume of French legal translation, meeting tight deadline and make sure that our output complies with international standards and regulations.


Get Legal Translation in UAE at Your Doorstep by ASTS-DMCC

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Legal contracts
  • Certificates of Criminal Records
  • Driving Licenses
  • Tenancy Contracts
  • Academic Certificates
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Court Hearings
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Diplomas 
  • Bank statements
  • Company & Official Documents


Importance of French Translation in UAE

With more than 274 million speakers spread across 5 continents, French is undoubtedly an essential language for any business, wishing to establish itself abroad. ASTS-DMCC Translation Services brought together professional translators ready to put their experience for French translation for your business. Like, these experts specialize in different areas (business, finance, science, international organizations, new technologies, etc.), where the use of French is very famous.


Al Syed Trasnlation Services DMCC Offers a wide portfolio of translation, with over 200 language combinations.


Best French translation services in dubai, UAE

With over 20 years of experience in French translation in Dubai, UAE, our every best French translator has in-depth knowledge specific to sectors and different business areas that allow them to provide accurate and engaging French translation to their target audiences anywhere in the world. Moreover, we find the right words and the appropriate cultural sense in any language, ensuring effective and personalized in all media and formats by our certified French translator’s team.

At ASTS-DMCC, we offer French translation in Dubai with combination of many other languages, but the most demanding combinations of French language are as follows:

  • French to English
  • French to Arabic
  • English to French
  • Arabic to French

 Learn the importance of above combinations of French translation in UAE one by one.

  • Importance of French to English Legal Translation

This combination of French legal translation is very popular for expats in Dubai, UAE. As, we receive the requests to translate French to English mostly for Immigration, Polices Cases, Business localization and globalization. Also the French companies providing their products and services in Dubai and wants their local staff awareness about their products and services in English because most of the people in UAE also understand English language.

Therefore, many embassies and consulates in UAE accept the documents in English also. Hence, If any French citizen or company needs to deal with immigration. For such a request to translate French to English, ASTS-DMCC always appoint a professional French translator for embassy.

If you are looking for professional French to English translator, call us or communicate via whatsapp. Our translation agency collaborates with a French legal translator team and makes a point of selecting the most qualified language experts for your project.

In addition to language skills, our every certified French translator specializes in precise area. All of our French-native translators are highly qualified with at least ten years of proven professional experience. In order to convey cultural and linguistic subtleties perfectly, they work only in their native language.

  • Importance of French to Arabic Legal Translation

In UAE, Arabic is used as basic language in all government, semi-government and most commercial offices. It means, they all accept the documents in Arabic language. When French speaking people need to communicate with embassies, government offices, police, RTA or any other department in UAE they need translation from French to Arabic for their French Documents. Also French Community in UAE needs to get admission in UAE school or university, they must have Legal Arabic translation for their academic certificates.

We guarantee our French translation is accurate and consistent, our provided translation will be certified and accepted anyway inside or outside UAE.

  • Importance of English to French Legal translation

There is not only French embassy in UAE that accepts only documents in French language, but Canada embassy in UAE also accepts documents in French language. We are not only translate but also localize the content in a specialized way from English to French. Ensuring that your communications are in compliance with cultural standards and that they are interpreted correctly by audiences worldwide.

In all of our translation offices, we work to incorporate a comprehensive methodology aimed at ensuring high quality English to French Translation. The actual difference comes in the procedure through which we offer, evaluate, present and maintain excellent quality while providing English to French translation.

At ASTS-DMCC, not only providing legal translation but also certification for French and Canadian Embassy in UAE. But also offering interpretation Services. We always try to do more than what is strictly necessary – our focus is on providing excellent customer service, as well as flawless French to English translation at your door step.

  • Importance of Arabic to French Legal Translation

There are numbers of embassies and consulates in UAE dealing with French language. And they need the documents in French language. Our Arabic to French translation is accepted and approved in all embassies and ministries. When it comes to migration of Arab community. They must need their document in French especially for France and Canada immigration. Embassies and Consulates accept only legal French translation. Some UAE companies or investors also invest in French speaking countries. They also need Arabic to French translation


At ASTS-DMCC. We provide Arabic to French translation for embassies, consulates and business globalization as well.


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