Here are the details about UAE Translation‘s return policy on its website


Translation Services:

  • If we haven’t assigned your project to a translator yet, you can cancel it and get a full refund.
  • We can discuss changes to the cancellation policy in writing before we approve the project.


Editing Requests: You can ask for editing in these situations:

  • Replacing words with better ones.
  • Changing word preferences.
  • Correcting the spelling of names as in legal documents.
  • Fixing illegible words.


Editing can happen right away, and you can request it many times. Every language has different ways to make sentences or phrases, so your ideas may not match the translator’s. We’re open to discussing and making changes based on your feedback.


Mistakes, Missing Parts, and Wrong Translations: UAE Translation is known for providing the best translation services. We aim for the highest quality and accuracy. But if you find any errors, missing parts, or wrong translations in your document, please let us know right away. Our translation coordinators will fix it quickly.


  • We won’t consider name spellings or word preferences as translation errors, so no refunds for that.
  • If you think our translation is wrong and want a refund, we’ll have you talk directly with the translator. If they can’t agree, an independent translator will help.
  • If the independent translator says the translation is really bad and can’t be fixed, we’ll refund you 100%.
  • If you choose to proofread, and it’s still not good, we’ll give a partial refund based on the quality.
  • Our responsibility is either fixing errors or giving refunds in extreme cases.
  • We’re not responsible for any other issues or legal matters.



  • UAE Translation is careful to translate every part of your document, but if you see a section that’s translated wrong or missing, tell your coordinator.
  • If we can’t fix the missing part on time, we’ll let you know, and you can choose to extend the deadline or get a refund for that part.
  • We can’t translate words we can’t read, so make sure to give us clear text to work with. We won’t be responsible if it’s illegible.



  • If the translated file doesn’t look exactly like the original file and you didn’t agree to pay for that, we won’t give a refund for this.


Delivery Delay

  • We usually finish our work on time, but sometimes unexpected things happen. Even though we’re really good at being on time (99.9% of the time), we understand that your project might be late for some unfortunate reason. If that happens, we might need more time, and if you don’t agree to that, we’ll refund part of your payment after taking out the cost of the work we’ve done.
  • We can talk and agree in writing about delivery times and refunds if needed.


Interpretation Services:

  • If you cancel interpreting services within 48 hours, we’ll keep 50% of the money you paid as a cancellation fee, and refund the rest.
  • But if we’ve already spent more than 50% on things like the interpreter’s travel or hotel, we’ll charge you the greater amount.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours, sorry, no refund; we’ll keep it all.
  • But we can talk about refund conditions in advance and agree in writing through email or messages.
  • If you cancel during the event, no refunds.


For more info on our refund and cancellation rules, contact us, and we’ll reply soon.

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