Arabic to English Translation in Dubai

Do you need to translate Arabic to English in Dubai for your personal or company documents with effective expertise in legal translation in Dubai proven by top references? Currently, at ASTS-DMCC, we are providing legal translation services in Dubai to the major law firms and important regulatory, state and public entities. These clients need Arabic to English translation in UAE for various purposes, such as, translation for Dubai official departments, translation for Immigration, translation for visa, translation of certificates and much more. We provide Arabic to English legal translation in Dubai both in UK English and US English. If our clients are away from our office, then we also provide translation with delivery facility.

As market leaders in terms of national and international certified translation, these clients have the legal competence of our legal translator team, excellent quality and good delivery times.

Why need Arabic to English translation

Our ASTS-DMCC Translation Services include many types of translations between more than 200 language pairs with the support of our native speaker and copywriters. At the same time, we also provide services to translate Arabic to English.

Why one may need to translate Arabic to English their personal or company documents? In UAE, mostly in most local official departments, Arabic is used as official language. But, there are also many entities, organizations and embassies that need all the documents and conversation translated in English. For example, check out the conditions where one may need to translate Arabic to English the documents:

  • Need to apply for visa in non-Arabic embassy (for example, British embassy), he will need the Arabic to English translation for Immigration or translation for visa;
  • One may need to submit study certificates to an English medium or abroad school or university, then he will need Arabic to English translation of certificates;
  • A government department may need to deal with any local or official agency in other country, then, it will need the Arabic to English translation for Dubai official departments;
  • A local company may need to expand its business to other English speaking country, and then it will need Arabic to English translation of its marketing, financial and official documents.
  • A lawyer or a law firm may need to deal with legal issues with the clients from other English speaking country then, they will need Arabic to English legal translation in Dubai.

Other than above aspects, there are also many other reasons and benefits of Arabic to English certified translation. That is the reason that there is a great demand of Arabic to English certified translation in Dubai.

Qualified Arabic to English legal translator team

We are currently working on the Arabic to English translation of various contracts, policies and related correspondence within the framework of a major court case. In addition to translating the documents required for the case, our work also involves the immediate and daily translations of emails and memos with a view to ensuring perfect communication among the parties involved, at the time of the trial, we will also provide Arabic to English interpreters who will assist during the hearing of the various witnesses.

By providing a full range of translation services, ASTS-DMCC Translation Services also offer legal translation in following areas:

  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Dispute resolution and legal proceedings
  • Arbitration
  • Company law
  • Corporate governance
  • Environmental law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Taxation and accounting
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Patent law

We provide comprehensive legal translation services. The benefits you get from legal translations at ASTS-DMCC Translation Services are:

  • Internal formatting team: We accept all formats
  • In-house legal translator team (native Arabic speakers) in UAE
  • In-depth knowledge of legal matters

To make a personal discussion or obtain a non-binding quote for your project, our legal translator team in UAE is at your disposal. We are also providing the interpreter services, so book Arabic interpreter in Dubai today.

Arabic to English Financial translation in Dubai

Do you intend to obtain quality Arabic to English financial translation in areas of banking, credit card services, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, accounting and investor relations? We are your ideal partner to succeed internationally and we provide professional Arabic to English financial translation services of the highest quality.

We have the broadest terminology databases on international financial reporting standard and international accounting standard. Databases with company-specific terminology and comprehensive multilingual glossaries guarantee accurate financial Arabic to English translations. Do you have specific questions about financial translation at our ASTS-DMCC Translation Services? We look forward to receiving your contact. Just send us a request for information over the Internet.

The advantages in terms of financial translations by our ASTS-DMCC Translation Services:

  • Internal file formatting – we can convert between various file formats
  • Specialized in-house financial translators
  • Native Arabic speakers
  • Confidentiality – all employees sign confidentiality contracts
Financial Arabic to UK & US English translation

Hence, There are many companies in UAE working with UK based companies. They need Arabic to UK English translation in many business sectors.

In the same way, UAE business men also need to deal with many US based companies. For any exchange of official or company documents, they need Arabic to US English translation in UAE.

Official Arabic to English translation

We all know that the English language is today one of the most spoken and written languages ​​in the world. English is the language of business, science, the internet, in short, all the areas that are part of our globalized world. To this end, individual and companies in UAE must pay attention to the need for quality and timely Arabic to English translation of official documents.

Therefore, ASTS-DMCC Translation Services specialize in official Arabic to English translations. We have over 10 years of experience in translation field in UAE.

We offer official translations of some of the following important documents:

  • Birth and marriage seats
  • Driving licenses
  • Citizen cards
  • Death certificates
  • Qualification certificates
  • Contracts
  • Diplomas
  • Notarial deeds
  • Invoices
  • Licenses
  • Criminal records
  • Academic documents
  • Medical reports and sick leave
  • Financial reports
  • And many other official documents.

The translated document will be attached to your original document and accompanied by an official translation certificate.


Why chose ASTS Company in Dubai

If your Arabic is not enough for the translation you need, then ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is your solution. Whether for translations of personal documents, technical translations, legal translations or commercial translations, ASTS-DMCC is a company with over 10 years of experience that is at your disposal to offer you the best solutions in Arabic to English translations.

Shakespeare’s language has a big influence on our day-to-day lives, but we don’t always feel comfortable doing a translation. Especially when it is a more serious situation or that requires high rigor. For ASTS-DMCC, there are no challenges that cannot be overcome, always with the same rigor and quality, which meet the needs and desires of the client.

In addition, we offer a personalized service that meets the needs of the client, choosing the best type of interpretation for each case. In addition, having a team of native linguists allows you to review the documents in order to guarantee the maximum quality of each of its services.

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