Why You Need Arabic Legal Translation in UAE

Do you need to translate English to Arabic translation in Dubai for documents, certificates and educational degrees urgently and with reliability and quality? Then

Legal Translator Dubai

look no further. At ASTS-DMCC Translation Services, we offer the best price, terms and quality in any type of translation, whether technical, legal or academic.

We exclusively employ native English-speaking translator Dubai team. Our translator Abu Dhabi team includes native English specialists in the various fields, in order to guarantee the highest possible quality in our English to Arabic translations. This makes the relationship between price and quality of our services the best on the market all over UAE.

Customer satisfaction is ASTS-DMCC commitment. Each case is different and our personalized translation services guarantee both the quality of the service provided and the customer’s final satisfaction.

Why one needs English to Arabic translation in UAE?

The translation is the main domain of our company at ASTS-DMCC. We have translator Dubai team including native translators having specialties in multiple lines of works. So, with the support of our managing team and translator Abu Dhabi team, we are able to provide translation services in more than 200 language pairs.

For example, the English to Arabic is the pair that has most demand for translation in Dubai. At ASTS-DMCC Translation Services, we offer many types of translation in this language pair, such as, document translation, certificates translation, educational degree legal translation and much more.

Arabic is the basic or official language of UAE, so, all documentations are performed in Arabic language. Likewise, English to Arabic translation is very important.

Arabic language is the broadest language in the world, so it has also many variants. Our special legal translator team can provide English to Arabic translation Dubai services in all variants, for example, Emirati Arabic, Saudi Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, Sudan Arabic, Marrakesh Arabic etc.

Consider the importance to translate English to Arabic your document with some of the following reasons:

  • Dubai courts accept only Arabic documents;
  • Dubai Police accepts Arabic documents only;
  • RTA Dubai requests Arabic documentations;
  • Dubai Land department accepts Arabic document;
  • Dubai Municipality Accepts Arabic documents.
  • Courts in UAE accept only Arabic documents;
  • Police Departments in UAE accepts Arabic documents only;
  • Road and Transport Authorities of Emirates requests Arabic documentations;

These are not only the UAE departments that accept only Arabic documents, but all other UAE official departments accept only Arabic documents. If considering about other domestic companies, most of them also accept only Arabic documents.

Therefore, for the clients who cannot reach us at our office, we also provide legal translation with delivery at their destination.

Certified English to Arabic legal translation in UAE

Do you need expert legal translation service for certified document English to Arabic translation? Keep in mind, we meet all translation requirements at ASTS-DMCC Translation Services, no matter it is document translation, certificates translation or educational degree legal translation.

Generally, certified translation is performed by our translators having practical legal experience. If you need certified translation for another country, we meet all requirements according to particular country.

To ensure fast English to Arabic translation for Dubai court, for example, we have certified team of legal translators, able to attest the translation, which is directly approved by relevant entity. For this, just mention the country where you want to use your translation. And certified documents, and therefore, we will deliver the certified translations in no time.

English to Arabic legal translation in Dubai, UAE

Among the many kinds of technical translations, legal translation for Abu Dhabi court is the one that poses the greatest challenges for professional translators. Because it is highly specialized, legal translation for Dubai court requires knowledge of different legal systems, skill in legal writing, mastery of specific terminology and ability to standardize terminology from the translator.

The legal translation need not necessarily be certified translation; but, if it’s a translation for official purpose, we have sworn translator specialized in that area.

The ASTS-DMCC Translation Services is honored by the team of legal translators to translate English to Arabic, professionals with a background in law and in translation, broadly empowered to deal with numerous legal documents, from contractual documents to procedural highly complex parts.

Each legal translator Dubai at ASTS-DMCC is well aware of the demands of market:  absolute secrecy, strict compliance with deadlines and rigorous terminology. And English to Arabic legal translation undergoes thorough review and quality-control by our experienced reviewers in the area.

Our specialized legal translator team is ready to translate many documents on tight deadlines. For more than two decades of serving law firms, we realize the need for urgent translation and meeting deadlines. For us, your translation deadline is our translation deadline!

Localization services in UAE

Our experience of over 30 years in English to Arabic translation for the private and public sector gives our teams of linguists deep knowledge of the sector and allows the application of specialized perspectives in a wide range of business areas.

Understanding your target audience’s expectations allows us to know the most appropriate cultural terms and meanings in any language, ensuring effective communication around the world.

We have helped many companies create a connection with their audiences in UAE by providing English to Arabic translation and getting the message you want to your local market in UAE.

Every day, we localize every type of material as part of our localization and content translation services tailored to your needs:

  • Translation of marketing materials
  • Product manual translation
  • Software localization
  • Audiovisual translation
  • Multilingual electronic publishing

Why choose ASTS-DMCC Translation Services in UAE for your English to Arabic translation needs?

Effective global communication

In one word, we love linguistic translation. That’s all we offer, day after day. Therefore, we are able to guarantee you specialized translation Dubai services centered on the prospects of your targeted audience. We exist only to simplify your linguistic translation strategy.

Sector knowledge

Therefore, Our linguistic specialists are trained in the translation of very complex content in specific sectors. We understand the challenges of your industry. And ensure the right combination of processes, technologies and sources to manage large volume of translation. As well as, demanding time-to-market and regulatory limitations.

Business competences

Next, a marketing expert and a patent specialist don’t have the similar expectations for a translation. That is why we handle each type of text differently. Responding to the particular needs of each domain in term of content, we were able to ensure the most appropriate English to Arabic translation approach and terminology to convey concepts and ideas, from marketing and HR to legal and R&D topics.

Actually, we have a complete solution devoted to all lines of works. Because we know the complexities in terms of compliance and the specific skills required.

 Ensure compliance and consistency

Moreover, Using the right terms can make sure compliance with market rules. We have seen and done everything, so there are no territories unknown to us. Do you need specific translations of cryogenic systems or high-performance optical couplers? Yes, we already did. This is simply part of professional English to Arabic translation. And it is a key element in ensuring the quality of translation you need.

Please contact us today at ASTS-DMCC Translation Services. Our sales staff will get back with official quotation within one hour.

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